Nutritional Therapy for Digestive problems! 

Consultations at the IBS Clinic are in depth and are highly recommended for people with chronic, hard to treat digestive problems. We will support, educate and help you regain control of your digestive health. Our professional experience will help guide through the complex, confusing world of digestive problems, diets, tests and supplements. A consultation at The IBS Clinic consists of the following:

1. You will complete a detailed health questionnaire before your consultation. This will help us gather information in relation to your health problem, history and goals. This is the info gathering phase. 

2. Next you will attend a 1 hour consultation. Either in person or virtually. In the consultation we will review your health questionnaire &  health history. This is an in depth process. A nutritional therapist is like a health detective gathering clues to solve the problem. After we gather all relevant information we will have a discussion in relation to what may be the root cause of your digestive problem. We may also discuss any lab tests you have completed and any lab tests that may help use gather more info. The lab tests we use are an excellent tool for finding answers to digestive problems. 

3. Next we will develop a treatment plan with a variety of therapeutic interventions that will be unique to you. You will receive your treatment plan via email. It will include recommendations in relation to diet, lifestyle and supplements.

4. After you receive your treatment plan we will follow up with a phone call to answer any questions in relation to your treatment plan.

5. 4-6 weeks later will have a follow up consultation. In your follow up consultation we will review your treatment plan and discuss any improvements, challenges etc. We will provide new recommendations.  

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The IBS Clinic also offers telephone & Zoom consultations

Contact us today to book a consultation on 0861257888 or info@ibsclinic.iePlease feel free to contact the clinic with any questions you may have!

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