My journey into natural medicine began as a teenager. It started with the use of antibiotics for long periods, 24 months in total. Near the end of my antibiotic treatment I began to experience unusual digestive symptoms. Food and drink triggered my gut problems. I also experienced first hand the link between my gut and mind. As I began to suffer from a cloudy head, poor memory, fatigue and anxiety. I was suffering from a problem that was affecting me physically and mentally and I wanted answers.

I spoke to my GP and he couldn’t make sense of my story and forwarded me to a GI consultant. The GI consultation happily announced to the world I had IBS. Even though I displayed no IBS symptoms. However, he had an answer or maybe the answer was for himself, who knows. The consultant explained to me that “we” use the label IBS when we don’t understand what is going on. The problem was I didn’t really have an answer to my problem. Therefore, I couldn’t find a solution to resolve it.


John Roche

Natural medicine

The medical community didn’t have an answer to my problem. So I began to explore natural medicine, trying to find one. I tried a lot of complementary therapies, for example, homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine and got mixed results. I started to find some answers when I began to explore diet, nutrition and natural medicine.Google and books were giving me pieces of the puzzle but I wanted the complete picture. This search for knowledge led me to complete a degree in Naturopathy (natural medicine) at the University of Westminster, London. As part of my degree I studied biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and pathology. These health sciences subjects give me an excellent foundation to work from. I also learned about natural interventions such as dietary therapy, hydrotherapy, bodywork, herbal remedies and stress management techniques. This degree answered a lot of my questions and my health significantly improved. However, my thirst for knowledge still wasn’t quenched. I wanted more in depth knowledge of nutrition, diet and health. This led me to complete a Master’s (MSc) degree in Nutritional Therapy at the University of Worcester.

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We aim to provide authentic natural health care that is safe, effective and affordable to everyone. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to establish optimum health of mind and body

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