We take gut health seriously!

Our approach to complex digestive problems is guided by principles and philosophy of Nutritional Therapy, Functional medicine and Naturopathy. 

Nutritional Therapy uses diet and lifestyle therapeutic interventions to manage health problems. Nutritional Therapists are experts in the use of therapeutic diets, nutritional supplements and lifestyle interventions.The principles of Nutritional Therapy  are underpinned by Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is holistic systems based approach. Unlike medicine which uses medication to simply manage digestive symptoms. The goal of functional medicine is to find the root cause of your digestive symptoms and to create dietary & lifestyle therapeutic plan unique to you. This approach can produce excellent results.

Naturopathy is a traditional European system of healthcare. Naturopath’s use a variety of natural therapeutic interventions to help manage digestive problems. These natural interventions are safe and effective. At the IBS clinic we have found a multi-intervention approach can produce extremely effective results. Some of the leading IBS and SIBO experts in the world are Naturopathic practitioners.

We help people who suffer with digestive problems via the following supports:

  1. One to One consultations
  2. Our digestive health program
  3. Healthy cooking classes themed on digestive health
  4. General public talks on digestive health
  5. We provide group support via our closed Facebook IBS support group which has over 2k members

Yogurt and Berry Puree in a Glass Jar for a Healthy Breakfast

Natural therapeutic interventions used at the IBS Clinic include the following:

Nutritional therapy

What you eat can play a significant role in digestive health. At the IBS clinic we use a number of dietary therapeutic interventions to help manage complex digestive problems. We have an in depth understanding of nutrition in the context of digestive health. At the clinic we have an excellent knowledge of various therapeutic diets and dietary approaches such as the FODMAP diet, carbohydrate specific diet, KETO, plant based, Mediterranean and numerous food intolerance dietary approaches.        

Nutritional supplements

We use nutritional supplements to manage IBS and other digestive problems. At the clinic we use our professional expertise to help guide you through the maze of supplements, if you need them and what type to consider. We will create a supplement programme to suit your needs. Nutritional supplements can play a vital role in the management of various digestive problems. This includes antimicrobial supplements, pre & probiotic’s and supplements that help repair and heal your gut.


Herbs are safe and effective tools used at at the IBS Clinic. We recommend herbs in a variety of forms such as supplements, tea infusions or tinctures. Herbal interventions can play a vital role in the management of digestive problems such as IBS or SIBO.



We use hydrotherapy as a general tonic, to detoxify the body and to stimulate vitality and the digestive system. At the clinic we use a variety of methods such wraps, compresses, showers, sprays and baths.

posture charts


Chronic muscular imbalances can also lead to postural problems. An imbalance in your muscular/skeletal system can affect how your digestive system functions. This in turn can worsen digestive problems such as IBS. At the IBS clinic we use therapeutic massage, lymphatic pumps, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques to help resolve muscular issues and improve digestion. We also work directly on the digestive system with various massage techniques.


Stress Management

There is a strong association between stress and digestive problems such as IBS. We teach a variety of exercises to help manage stress such as progressive relaxation, breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, positive affirmations & emotional freedom technique. We also provide an understanding environment at the clinic to help support your journey back to health.

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