Natural treatment for IBS symptoms

Natural treatment for IBS symptoms

Has your treatment for IBS symptoms failed?

Medical treatment for IBS symptoms often fails. What makes this worse is Irritable bowel syndrome is extremely common. IBS is reported to affect 10-15% of the population in Europe and North America.  IBS suffers struggle for years trying to find a solution for their symptoms. It can be very difficult to find a answer.

At the IBS Clinic we will help you find an answer for your digestive problem. We do this by taking a detailed case history questionnaire, an in depth consultation and functional lab testing. Lab tests can help identify what is going on in your gut. This can help find the root cause of your digestive problem.

After we find the root cause of your digestive problem we create a treatment plan unique to you. This plan will contain a variety of natural therapeutic interventions such as dietary interventions, nutritional supplements, massage, herbs, hydrotherapy, stress management techniques and exercise. We have found a multi-intervention approach can produce excellent results.

Client testimonial

“About 4 weeks into your programme I really started to feel so much better. I can safely say now my gut feels really good and at ease. I am not experiencing cramps, constipation or pain anymore. Thank You” 

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If you would like more support with IBS please ask to join our IBS support group which has over 2k members.

Book an appointment today and come tell us your story, We will listen, treat you with respect and help you find a natural solution to your digestive problem.


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