World digestive health day

World digestive health day

Today is world digestive health day

At the Natural Path Clinic we have a special interest in digestive well being. Digestive issues such as IBS, IBD and GERD are all too common in today’s society. Consumption of over the counter digestive medications is booming. So here is our 3 top tips to support digestive well being.

Reduce you intake of processed foods high in added sugar and food additives Instead consume a whole grain food diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and quality protein foods such as oily fish, free range chicken or legumes. Drink plenty of fresh clean water.

Learn to relax: stress can contribute to digestive upset. So learn to relax via relaxation exercises, medication, yoga, walking, swimming or other activities that help you distress. Deep belly breathing is particular helpful for digestive issues.

Consume a quality probiotic for 6-8weeks. This will help re-balance your gut micro-flora. An unbalanced gut micro-flora can be the root cause of numerous digestive issues.     .