Our approach

At The IBS Clinic we use Nutritional Therapy and Natural medicine to manage  IBS. We use a variety of natural interventions such as dietary therapy, herbal remedies, bodywork, hydrotherapy, stress management techniques and exercise to help manage digestive problems. These natural interventions are safe, effective & can help stimulate & support the inherent healing mechanisms of your body. We have found a multi-intervention approach that uses a combination of methods can produce effective results. Natural interventions used at the clinic include:

Yogurt and Berry Puree in a Glass Jar for a Healthy Breakfast

Nutritional therapy

At the clinic we use a number of dietary interventions to help manage digestive  problems. What you eat can play a significant role in digestive health. A good quality diet can nourish, rejuvenate and help heal your body. Secondly poor dietary choices can lead to negative digestive symptoms. At the clinic we use our professional knowledge to:

Help you identify what foods work best for you
Give you guidance on whats foods to eat and where to source them
Educate you how to cook & use these new healthy foods

Johns professional experience as a Chef plays a significant role in the process of creating healthy menu’s unique to your needs.

Nutritional supplements

Although we believe a healthy diet can provide you with the optimum nutrition your body needs. We use nutritional supplements when needed to support the management of digestive problems. At the clinic we use our professional expertise to help guide you through the maze of supplements, if you need them and what type to consider.

Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies are a traditional natural healing method. We use herbs in a variety of forms such as supplements, tea infusions or tinctures at the clinic. At the clinic we use herbs to manage IBS, rebalance the gut microbiome and sooth the digestive tract.



The general aim of hydrotherapy is to stimulate blood flow. This is important because blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and in turn carries cellular waste away. We use hydrotherapy as a tonic, to detoxify the body and to stimulate vitality. At the clinic we use hydrotherapy in a number of different ways. This includes a variety of methods such wraps, compresses, showers, sprays and baths.

A traditional Sitz bath

posture charts

Physical therapy

Chronic muscular imbalances can also lead to postural problems. An imbalance in your muscular/skeletal system can affect your digestive system. This in turn can worsen disgetsive problems such as IBS. At the clinic we use therapeutic massage, lymphatic pumps, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques to help resolve muscular issues. We also work directly on the digestive system with various massage techniques.


Mental/emotional therapeutics

Stress management is a core component of our work at IBS Clinic. The is a strong association between stress and digestive problems such as IBS. A variety of exercises are taught to help manage stress such as progressive relaxation, breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, positive affirmations & emotional freedom technique. We also provide an understanding environment at the clinic to help support your journey back to health.

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