Cooking classes

The Natural Path Clinic offers a range of healthy cooking classes. John is passionate about food and the effect it can have on health and well being. John has also worked as a Chef for a number of years around the world. John brings this wealth of experience to his cooking classes.

My cooking experience

When I was younger I loved to cook and had a passion for food. I worked as a Chef for a number of years in Ireland, the UK and the USA. My experience as a chef allows me to:

teach clients how to cook healthy tasty meals
educate clients what foods to use & where to source them
create healthy dietary plans and menus

Topics include:

Optimum nutrition for school children
Healthy meals for you and your baby (pregnancy)
Detox foods
Healthy meals to calm and sooth digestive issues
Healthy meals to reduce stress
Healthy foods to boost your energy
Probiotics and fermented foods
Healthy meals to reduce depression and anxiety

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